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immigration reform again because we have to get this off the table, a political issue for the party and we also have to have a zero toll perhaps with the terrible taupe coming out of the talk radio universe and some of our leaders in congress who are serially disrespectful to this fastest growing democrat in the country. you have the likes of rush limbaugh taking to the radio on the i shall a you of immigration. congressman this is what he said on wednesday. >> don't tell met republican party doesn't have outreach. we do. but what are we suppose dodd now in order to get the hispanic or latino vote, choose mean open the borders and embrace the i will sflee-- the illegals? i want to you think about this. is that what it means? is that what the republican establishment, we got to reach out to hispanics, is that what they mean? if we are not getting the female
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vote, do we become pro-choice? do we start passing out birth control pills? is that what we have to do? >> and david, that's very telling because part of the fundamental problem with a big wing of the republican party is that when they think of hispanics, they think of folks who are illegal immigrants are. what they need to accept is that hispanics, late team knows are part of this american family and they are not going anywhere. you have to folks that have been here who are second generation, third generation, fourth generation americans and they are making them feel like they are not part of the united states. and that's fundamental problem that goes beyond tone. it goes beyond rhetoric and it actually goes beyond who you elect to congress or the senate. they have got ted cruz, marco rubio and others now, but more than just the personality but the policies they pursue. >> think when journalists wry bri this campaigning the fun part will be all the moments we experienced together, the gaffes romney made, the 47%, the things obama said the first debate but the fundamental loss of this campaign probably took place in the republican primaries when
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they put out a group of people who were so far off the political cliff on i shalls that mattered to latinos, women and young people and is the new governing coalition and perhaps the fact that the economy got a little bit better is another fundamental fact but all these other things preoccupied us for some time. you can only, looking back, see those 20 debates that bushed everybody, including romney who became a moderate much too late to get that nomination. >> it is still striking. you have some 70% in the exit polls who believe the economy is in bad shape, 52% who feel like the country is off on the wrong direction. a lot of opposition thought to president obama and his policies and yet he prevails because of a coalition ever expanding that believes in a certain role for government, bob, that is opposed to where the republicans would like to take it. >> i think the big picture here is that president obama has got to deliver on the big issue, which is fixing the financial
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house of the u.s. federal government, it is in disarray, not just the fiscal cliff but $16 trillion in ious out in the world. in a couple of months, in february or march, they are going to have to renegotiate borrowing authority for another trillion or two dollars and if the president can fix and put us on some sort of path of restoration for the economy, that is a pay juv for everyone in the community you not just his base. he has got to think much more broadly, the job of the president is to find the next same of good for a real majority and escapable of doing. >> let's look back at the republican party. how did they become a coalition of special interest forces? they really do look like the democratic party of the '70s and '80s where they seem to the
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leaders in washington can't control the special interest groups. and this is what ppened to the democrats, labor, all of these special interest groups that were -- the folks in washington knew what the right way was to try to whip national elections, they couldn't quite do it because they were -- basically, they succumbed to their base the democratic party started with bill clint and obama successfully able to carry this over, never able to allow the base of the democratic party, special interest groups, to overtake the national message, the republican party -- >> the serious governing philosophy thatter is thfd country well but too many swing voters in the country, you hear the word conservative now, they think of looms and wackos. we gave pup five u.s. senate seats the last two election cycles by people who were just out there, completely extreme, manifestly up prepared for the offices that they are running for. our elected leaders scared to death of the conservative entertainment complex, the
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shrill and divisive voices that are bombastic and broadcasting out into the homes and this country is rejecting the social extremism of the republican party on issue after issue. if you look at the four states that legalized gay marriage, on a range of issues, our coalition is shrink and the republican party has a lot of soul searching to do if we are going to assemble a majority. >> doris, i want to get to one other thing here earthquake the movie "lincoln" is opening around the country. obviously, the divisions in america were so profound at that time during the civil war. and yet today in a different way, we still have so much po r polarizati polarization. here is moment in the film where linkson talking about why do is so important to push for the abolition of slavery. >> euclid's first common notion is this, things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other. that's rule of mathematical reasoning. it is true because it works, has
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done and always will do. in his book, hmm, euclid says this is self-evident there it, even in that 2,000-year-old book of mechanical law, is self-evident that truths equal to the same thing are equal to each other. >> can't way to the see t you brought your own movie clip, as chuck pointed out, the polarization then, so profound, as this president now strives to be a great president, like lincoln, what is his challenge to break this polarization? does it come back to bipartisanship? >> conviction, which we saw lincoln talking about and willingness to compromise. without question, the whole movie is about the idea that in a session of congress, after the election in 1864, they have to get this amendment passeded a do everything he says, one point he says i'm clothed by immense
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power and i will use it, to do what you have to do i will go back to what bob said wharkts president needs to do is bring some ceos into his top positions, ddr did that brought in the head of chrysler, brought in the head of sears and roebuck. what about bringing romney in to deal with the problem of how do you keep manufacturing here than going ablood is what incentive douse use, sanctions do you use against countries not doing things fairly? you bring people in but don't lose your conviction, tough start with what matter to us but you compromise on everything else? i think it can be done. >> the powerful olive branch that speaker boehner issued this week, where he said to the president, we want you to lead, for the republicaneader to say we are willing to follow to a certain extent, he puts limitations on it, there's no question on it but for him to say that you're going to go into the house of representatives -- >> you think, bob, part of what you see and see with john boehner, he will say one thing vand to reverse course the very
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thanks to you all for a terrific conversation. before we go a quick programming note for my press pass covers this week, i sat down with editor and chief ben smith to talk about what really really was the first presidential campaign in the
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the more you know.
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i don't go undercover every day. that's what made me nervous. >> they had a secret plan. >> were you armed ?
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>> yes. >> and you were wearing a wire? >> yes. >> to solve a baffling case. a college student on a friday night out who had vanished. >> she was a very shy girl. she was something special. >> the possible suspects just about everyone. the friend. the boyfriend. the mysterious older man. even her mom. >> i was shocked that they even suspected me. >> why were police at a dead end? enter this guy. do you see things other cops don't see? >> phenomenal. >> they call him the evidence whisperer. he's about to crack this case before your eye. >> the answer was in the details? >> it was right there. >> and you won't believe how. >> you walk out of there thinking, i spooked him. it worked. >> i hoped. i wasn't quite sure. >> the night lindsay disappeared. thanks for joining us. i'm lester holt.
3:22 am
it stumped police for years, the case of a young missing college who went missing. they finally get their big break from a very small thing. take a look at this photo. there's a key clue here, a single detail spotted by an eagle eye detective. that's what helped him turn this nine-year mystery into a slam-dunk case. watch now and see exactly how he did it. here's josh mankiewicz. >> sometimes the facts are as clear as the southern california sky, but other times you have to know where to look to see the truth. this man has made a career of noticing what others do not. >> what's his reputation? >> meticulous investigator. just pores over the volume of evidence and found what others did not find. >> the evidence whisperer? >> correct. >> at night i went out dancing.
3:23 am
>> does this man act guilty? does he know more than he's saying. >> i didn't know anything was going on, all right? >> what about this man? can you believe the story he's telling? >> i was supposed to pick her up twice and she was so out of character, she didn't show up on either day. >> the evidence whisperer wasn't present at either of those interviews, but watching them helped him solve the mystery of what happened to a vivacious young woman and bring answers to the mother who loved her. >> i was always proud of her. she was a real fighter. >> lindsay eckan arrived, the youngest of three. maybe that fighting spirit isn't visible in her photos, but her mother, nancy, says it was always there. she had a passion for animals. she helped out in her spare time at a local shelter. kim davidson, who worked at linds lindsay's middle school remembers young lindsay also had
3:24 am
a sense of compassion. >> it was freezing cold and i didn't bring a jacket that day and i felt these little hands up on my shoulder and a sweater came up around me and i turned around and it was lindsay and she said i just can't stand sitting here, watching you shiver and wrapped me up in her sweater. she just melted me. >> she gave back in other ways. she would lie about her age so she could give blood. remarkable in itself because lindsay struggled with her own disabilities. her alarm was paralyzed, her leg impaired. >> she said she was in a car accident and that she was thrown when she was a little girl, but very, very -- just matter of fact. you know, not poor me or not feel sorry for me or anything like that. >> growing up, lindsay needed so much care. her mother, nancy, was with lindsay, like her shadow. >> somebody had to be with her 24 hours a day. >> and that was you?
3:25 am
>> yes. it was her and i alone. she was my only purpose in my life, was to make her as normal as she could be. >> by the time kim met lindsay, her dad and brothers moved away. kim remembers a very tight family unit of just two. how close were lindsay and nancy? >> unbelievably, extremely. >> as lindsay reached adolescence, that started changing. like a lot of teens, she wanted her own identity. she changed the spelling of her name from this to this. by high school, there were girlfriends, even some boyfriends and by the time she was 20, after so many years of mom and daughter being each other's best friends and confidants, lynsie began keeping things to herself, like where she was really headed in february 2001. would it make sense that she
3:26 am
would lie to you about what she was doing that night? >> i've never known her to lie to me, but you don't know what you don't know. >> it was a friday night. she was in college part time and working, but still living at home. she told her mom instead of their usual friday night dinner she was staying the night with a girlfriend named andrea, someone nancy had never met. and a young man named chris came to the door to pick lynsie up. she introduces you to this guy, chris. >> uh-huh. >> did he say hello to you? was he polite? did he have good manors? >> uh-huh. >> but nancy said something was wrong. >> i had a feeling about him. >> what feeling? >> i don't know. >> but you put it aside? >> uh-huh. >> she spent so many years worrying about lynsie, it was a struggle to let go, but she did. >> last thing i said to her was remember your seat belt and she looks over her shoulder and says back at you, mom.
3:27 am
love you. that's the last thing she said to me. >> nancy locked up the house and went to bed. lynsie was supposed to call after she was done tutoring two kids in the neighborhood. after the call never came, nancy drove over and found out that lynsie never showed up at her job. >> all of a sudden my daughter is never where she was supposed to be. she taught these girls four months about. >> you had no way of reaching her? >> no way. >> nancy was frantic. >> i started calling hospitals, the morgue. that's how desperate i was, to see if there was a jane doe in the morgue. >> there was no jane doe and there was no lynsie ecklan. >> most people that disappear like that come back in a couple of days. >> if not 24 hours. >> is that what you thought was going to happen? >> i think we did. >> you had no unidentified bodies? >> no unidentified bodies. >> you checked the e.r.?
3:28 am
>> we checked everything. we checked everybody. we checked everything. there was just no sign of her. it was just as if she vanished. >> when we come back, lynsie had a secret that she kept from just about everyone. >> when was the last time you saw lynsie? >> a week ago. >> the night lynsie disappeared continues. okay. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. i'd stay clear of that cleaner, too, if i were made of wood and granite. why don't you try pledge? ♪ pledge multi-surface. [ man ] its formula's safe on all kinds of stuff, like this... and this... and this. so furniture has nothing to fear. good boy. pledge multi-surface. no worries. just clean. [ female announcer ] s.c. johnson, a family company.
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her daughter was missing.
3:32 am
nancy started handing out flyers and counting off days without lyns lynsie. ticking them off on little post-it notes. she also went to talk to the police department. nancy wanted corrine to know about her lynsie, how nancy always knew where she was, how they were best friends. it was a speech corrine had heard before. >> it's typical with a lot of parents or family members when they report a missing person. sometimes they give you the idea that it's an idyllic family life because i think there's a fear if they don't paint a rosie picture that they're not going to look for them. >> that you're not going to work hard? >> that we're not going to work hard. i think that was the case for nancy. >> they brought in the usual suspects like the boyfriend. >> when you were dating, she hadn't been dating anyone else, to your knowledge? >> no.
3:33 am
>> his name was matthew ramirez. >> when i went thursday, she was like, i want to break up. >> what was off was soon back on. l lynsie and matt were back together in time for the weekend but not in time to make plans for that friday night. >> going to san diego and i told her, have fun. be careful, okay? she was like, okay. >> then the last person known to have seen her, chris mccamis, 21 years old, out of school. he told the cops he was unemployed. l lynsie met him through friends about four months prior and it turned out he never drove lynsie to andrea's house for a sleepover. chris said that was a lie lynsie made up for her mother. the real plan was to go clubbing all night in san diego. >> don't tell my mom we're going to san diego because my mom
3:34 am
won't let us go or won't let me go. and definitely don't tell her that we're clubbing. >> chris told police when their night of clubbing went bust, they headed home earlier than expected. he dropped off the other girls, he said, and then headed to lynsie's house. it was after 4:00 am when he finally got back here to lynsie's neighborhood and was worried that her mom might hear his truck pulled up at that hour. so she asked to be dropped not at the house but the corner, 50 yards away. it sounded weird to police until they heard from her other friend who said at times she asked to be dropped off right here. chris said he then drove home and police even found a photo from a bank atm of what looked like chris' truck heading north on the right street at the right time. to the cops, chris' story added up. and that was when police learned matthew and chris were not the
3:35 am
only men in lynsie's life. there was someone else both matthew and chris mentioned to investigators, an older man who drove lynsie around. no one knew his name. they heard lynsie refer to him as her friend. >> that's all anyone knows him by, as her friend? >> yeah. >> nancy had no idea lynsie was friends with any older man. she was about to find out. two days after lynsie vanishes, you get a phone call. >> yes. >> you're pretty much at your wit's end. >> yes. >> the phone rings and it's a guy named marty. >> no. >> as far as you know, did lynsie know a marty? >> no. >> he told nancy he went to pick up lynsie at school but she wasn't there. he had money of lynsie's that she needed for tuition. none of that made sense to nancy. >> after lynsie goes missing, nancy gets a phone called, guy
3:36 am
named marty. >> marty rossler. >> what does he say to her? >> he says that he befriended ly lynsie, he is a friend of lynsie's and he's concerned because he hadn't heard from her. >> what did you know about marty rossler? >> he was not marty rossler. >> he was really marty pregenzler. he had a relationship with lynsie he hadn't told his wife about. he would often pick lynsie up and give her rides, but that was about it. marty was 58. and she was 20? >> she was 20. >> they were boyfriend and girlfriend? >> don't think so. >> so police brought in marty. over two days they recorded those interviews. at times on video and sometimes just on audiotape. >> when was the last time you saw lynsie? >> a week ago. >> no, i don't think so. >> absolutely. >> no, absolutely not.
3:37 am
>> marty said he had last seen lynsie the day she went to san diego, on that friday. >> did you believe him? >> we didn't believe him. >> they didn't believe him because of the tip they had received. a clerk at a local clothing store had called to say she had seen lynsie and a much older man who matched marty's description together at her store after the day lynsie went missing. >> i wasn't there on that day, okay? i have been in that store, all right? i said i'm like you, i'm easily, you know, identified. probably every place i've been would know that i was in there with her, okay? >> it was a very long, very long interview. >> friendly? >> no, no. i remember drilling down on him because i really thought that he might know where lynsie was. >> you're a parent? >> yes. >> how many kids do you have? >> two. >> if you had a child gone for
3:38 am
eight days, vanished into thin air, would your heart not be broken? >> oh, absolutely. >> do you not feel some compassion for nancy? >> unbelievable. i think this is a nice girl and, you know, this family has had their share of hard -- you know, ha hardships. and this is just -- i feel so, you know, helpless. >> i don't think you are helpless. i think you can help us. >> marty insisted he couldn't, that he didn't know what had happened to lynsie. detectives weren't buying. >> did you ever hit her? >> no, never. >> even by accident? accidents happen. >> never touched her. >> have you put her some place where she's left? >> no, no. >> police searched marty's home and found nothing, no proof that marty had anything to do with
3:39 am
lynsie's disappearance so they moved on to a new suspect, someone closer to lynsie than anyone else on earth. coming up -- >> i was shocked that they even suspected me. >> lynsie's own mother. were investigators ruling her out or roping her in? >> i don't know what this is all
3:40 am
nancy and lynsie had been together all lynsie's life. now, alone, nancy waited, ticking off the days, in the dark about where her daughter was and where about the investigation. police were not keeping her in the loop. nancy was delighted when they called to say they were coming to visit. >> you interview the boyfriend, matthew, look at marty, the older guy, the relationship nobody knew about.
3:41 am
he denies it. >> right. >> you look at chris. he says i dropped her off and i never saw her again. >> right. >> and you looked at lynsie's mother. >> you have to. >> i made these cookies and all this silly stuff. >> the cops weren't coming for coffee. they arrived with a search warrant, shovels and cadaver dogs. >> i was shocked that they even suspected me. i didn't know what even a search warrant was. >> the house nancy and lynsie had once shared was torn apart. >> how much of a suspect was nancy? >> i don't know that she was on the radar for a long time. she was not on the radar long enough to be able to set her aside. >> after that search, they did just that. they believed this anguished mother had nothing to do with the disappearance of her daughter. so they took nancy off the list. they also took off the boyfriend, matthew. he had an alibi that held up,
3:42 am
putting him somewhere else at the time lynsie went missing. so that left just two. >> eye haven't seen her since that day. >> marty, who police didn't trust because of his secret relationship with lynsie and because he had lied about his identity. and the man who dropped lynsie off at that corner. the last person to see her before she vanished, chris mccamis. >> do you remember loomis? >> yeah. >> april 2002, more than a year after lynsie went missing, detectives decided to start over. they brought chris mccamis back to see if his story still held up. >> i would like to think that l lynsie has been like either abducted or something has happened to her. >> like what? >> i would really rather -- i would rae really rather like to think -- >> police turned up the heat.
3:43 am
>> and strip away the i'd like to think, polyanna mind, you know, how things in a perfect world. >> it's a possibility she's dead. >> what? >> police thought chris seemed oddly calm, talking about a friend who may have been murdered. >> if it turns out somebody killed her, what do you think should happen? >> find them. >> find them and then what? >> throw them in jail. >> how long do you think they would serve jail? >> long time. >> like what? >> they would be gone for a while. >> that's as strong as you could get out of him? >> as strong as we could get out of him. >> not go to hell or i personally would electrocute
3:44 am
him? >> he should get the gas chamber. she was my friend. she didn't deserve that. she wouldn't hurt a fly. >> lack of emotion was suggestive that perhaps chris should move to the top of the list. but it wasn't evident. after the interview, he was free to leave and detectives weren't even closer to learning what happened to lynsie ekelund. and neither was nancy, who was convinced her daughter one day would just come home. >> you thought one day she would walk back through the door? >> yes. >> she believed it because she wanted to. and because over the years, several people had told her they had seen lynsie. >> they never saw the front of her face. they always saw the back of her. and i held on to every word they said. >> her friend, kim, remembers how hard it was on nancy, thinking lynsie had just left her. >> she went through a period of her being angry at her and thought okay, maybe she did
3:45 am
leave me. and she threw some of her pictures out and clothes out. >> she threw lynsie's stuff away? >> she did, because she was so angry and she thought how could she do that? >> how could she leave me? >> how could she leave me? >> it was torture for nancy, no matter what version of events you believed and police still weren't telling her anything. nancy during this time feels she's been sort of cut out of the loop. >> yes. >> like you're not telling her anything. maybe you're not actually working on it. >> right. >> whatever you are doing, you're certainly not sharing it with her. >> nancy was pretty angry. we worked this case diligently for a long time. at some point you hit the wall. >> there are nine detectives in placentia, working everything, drugs, rape, murder, cold cases. by 2008 it was clear placentia
3:46 am
pd would hit that wall. they needed help on this one. who they needed was a guy named larry. tell me about larry. >> larry is phenomenal. >> phenomenal because what? he sees things other cops don't see? >> phenomenal because he sees things cops don't see. i don't know anybody who could have done a better job than larry. >> the evidence whisperer was about to listen to what the facts of this case were really saying. when we come back, was there something that police had missed? you bet. that picture of the truck spotted on the night of the crime, something about it just doesn't seem right. and the evidence whisper er is all over it. when the night lynsie disappeared continues. pluggable febrezecan a 30-d make even this old container smell fresh? take a deep breath. describe the room that you're in. i think just like a big, open space. like i'm hanging the sheets on the line. and it smells really fresh, man. let's take your blindfold off.
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in 2008, lynsie ekelund had been missing for seven years. the case had got gone from cold to frozen in time. so placentia pd decided to outsource the case to a guy named larry montgomery. with more than 30 years working homicide, larry's put away his share of bad guys. not usually by knocking on doors. instead, larry works by looking very closely at the evidence. he didn't work fast. in fact, larry is meticulously slow. and that was just what this cold case needed. was there anything in the original investigation that struck you as something that you
3:51 am
needed to reexamine? >> everything. >> everything that had led placentia police into that wall, trying to decide between two suspects. >> i'm concerned about this girl, okay, you know. and she's missing. >> marty, lynsie's older friend who kept their relationship a secret and lied about his name. and chris. >> in my heart, it seems loik she might be still alive. >> the last person known to have seen lynsie when he dropped her off at that corner. >> any idea on your part which of the two were a more likely suspect? >> no. i don't know until i get into it and see the details. >> you're no doubt aware you have the reputation for believing that -- i don't know, god's in the details but guilt's in the details. >> and innocence. >> guilty or innocent? was it marty or chris? larry even considered another possibility. could it have been random, someone who had seen lynsie at just the wrong time? >> so you've got a bad guy just
3:52 am
waiting, hoping the girl drops out of a car at 4:25 in the morning. >> it happened. >> you consider it, but then you weigh it and you go, is that a good possibility? probably not. but still, keep an open mind. >> larry sat down and read through the entire case file, all the witness statements, all the interviews. he did that for two years. he watched the february 2001 interview that police did with a very unhappy marty. doesn't it strike you as tremendously suspicious that marty would call after lynsie disappears, talk to lynsie's mother and give a phony name? >> if you didn't know the background of marty, then absolutely. >> when i talked to the mother on the phone, i just gave her an identifier, okay? marty rossler. >> which is a lie. >> which is a lie.
3:53 am
>> watching that interview, larry chocked up marty's dishonesty as an attempt to save his marriage. >> i don't want my wife to be brought into this thing. >> larry also took a closer look at the idea that marty and l lynsie were together at that clothing store after she went missing. >> wasn't there on that day. >> no one ever found any security video of that. and larry learned over the years that well-meaning people often get dates wrong. and larry learned a key fact. marty had actually participated in those early searches for lynsie. you eliminated marty fairly quickly then? >> yes. >> marty's behavior matched up with that of an innocent person, not with a guilty one? >> that's correct. he is actually doing exactly what you would do if you were looking for lynsie. he was searching. >> larry montgomery turned his attention to chris mcamis. guilty or innocent?
3:54 am
chris was the last person known to be with lynsie. he told police he drove straight home after dropping lynsie off. and police found that fophoto o what looked like his truck heading north away from lynsie's neighborhood, which took him past this atm camera. >> the video from the atm camera, police at the time saw that as not iron clad proof that chris was telling the truth, but suggestive that what he said, he actually did. >> correct. >> but larry compared photos of chris' truck with the photos from the bank, he saw something no one else had noticed. the paint on the back of the side view mirrors on chris' truck was white. >> what about the truck in the photo? >> the truck in the photo had a dark spot in that area which means whatever mirrors were there, if there were mirrors there, were black. >> so it's not the same truck? >> that's right, they're not.
3:55 am
>> suddenly chris' alibi had a big hole in it. he moved on to chris' history with women. two ex-girlfriends talked to police about how chris would become unhinged by rejection or what he called disrespect. larry heard about how chris had once crushed a pet crab with a hammer right in front of one of his girlfriends because he thought the crab had killed one of his fish. >> this is a guy with significant anger issues. >> certainly appears that way. >> she told me it was from a car accident. >> larry listened to chris' interviews and caught him talking some of the time about l lynsie in the past tense. >> her hand was pretty much like this. >> larry found something in the paperwork from placentia pd that proved chris mcamis lied to the police early on about his whereabouts on saturday, february 17th, the day lynsie didn't come home. chris told the cops he stayed close to home.
3:56 am
but larry checked chris' credit card statement. >> there was one entry february 17th, and it turns out it was santa clarita, 50 miles north of where chris lived. >> why would chris be in santa clarita? >> well, that's what i wanted to know. >> digging through the reports he found information about ch s chris' dad, that he was in construction and that in 2000 and 2001, he had a job site in santa clarita. you can't tell now, but back in 2001, this was a major construction site. now chris had told police that he did not work for his dad that winter, that he was on unemployment. but larry saw some big cash deposits going into chris' bank account in addition to his unemployment checks. so he thought that kiss might have been working for his dad off the books. and larry came up here to ask around. >> and they told you it was chris' father's construction
3:57 am
company? >> chris' father did some of the tractor work at that site. >> and chris worked there? >> and chris was one of the tractor drivers that the superintendent said was there every day. >> is this when you thought to yourself, that's where lynsie ekelund is? >> i thought chances are excellent if i killed lynsie and i was in chris mcamis' situation and i had the use of a tractor out in the middle of nowhere, i mice might use that tractor to dig a hole to put her in. >> now all the evidence whisperer had to do was prove it. coming up, an undercover operation. were you armed? >> yes. >> and you were wear iing a wir? >> yes. >> could she help them get the proof they would need? >> color in his face went white. >> when "dateline" continues.
3:58 am
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